Shiny medals are for Every BODY at any SPEED!

Every BODY deserves a sparkly reward for their exercise endeavors.  And now every BODY can earn one.  Sign up for our virtual races and earn sparkly medals anywhere and everywhere.  Run, walk, bike or do any sort of exercise you like!  Measure in minutes or miles.  Take your photo and earn the finishers bling you rightly deserve!

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On Your Own Time

Participate when and how is convenient for you. Don’t worry about conflicting dates. Your time is the right time.


Activities You Love

Not a runner or a biker or a swimmer? No worries. Any activity counts at the conversion ratio 15 minutes per kilometer.


Range of Budgets

Join on a pay what you can level and get your photo in our winners circle plus a printable finishers certificate. Or go the full bling route and pay just $19.95 (plus shipping if you live outside the United States) for a glittery gorgeous finishers medal.


Join us for our September Virtual Distance event.  You can choose to participate at the 5K, 10K or 25K level.  Remember, you can choose to participate based on distance ( .6 miles=1K of running, walking, swimming or biking) or time (15 minutes=1k).  In other words, 5K is equal to 1.25 total hours of your favorite activity, 10k is equal to 2.5 hours and 25 k is equal to 6.25 hours.  You can cover each event all at once or over several workouts.  You can register for one event, two events or all three.



Click the register button and choose your event level. But don’t wait. Registration closes on July 25, 2018 and you must complete your event by September 1.



In order for your event to count, you must post a picture of you finishing the event to the group facebook page, or email a photo to If you don’t want to be in the picture, get creative.

Register for September Event

Click here to register for the September event. Remember you must register by August 25, 2018.

These virtual fitness goals are designed to help you integrate fitness into your life in a fun and natural way that fits YOUR body.  After all,  no one exercise program is right for every BODY.  You can choose a goal that works for you.

Utilizing accepted practices from exercise science we have developed a program that will allow you to progress safely and gradually at a pace that is comfortable for you.  And you can modify everything to work with your schedule and your lifestyle.

Whatever form of fitness you love just go do it!


This program is designed to improve your functional fitness.  You can incorporate activities of daily living like gardening, house cleaning, shoveling snow or playing with your kids into your activity plan.

Not sure where to start?  Just dance!  Jeanette and Ragen also have online as well as DVD workouts to help you reach your exercise goals in fun and fabulous style!

Why will this exercise program work when all others have failed?  The main reason is that this program is custom designed to work with your body and your life.  Do it your way!

Want to train for a 5K, 10K or 25K?  We’ve got a training program just for you.

Although you can do the virtual events over as many days as you like, perhaps you’d like to do a traditional 5K/10K/25K all at once.  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.  Sign up for our Slow Jam Training Course.  We’ll start out with whatever you can do now and build up safely and gradually to wherever you want to go.

Sometimes we all need a little help with motivation.  We’ve got tools to inspire you!

We all have those moments where we could use an extra helping hand.  That’s why we’ve created a series of tools to help keep you inspired.  From books that help you love the skin you’re in to dance videos that help you rack up your minutes in no time, click below to find everything you need to be successful.